Lance was known for many things. We went around and asked his parents, peers and close friends and family to tell us one word that defined who Lance was. Among the many responses we got, the words that came up repeatedly were: happy, laughing, giggles, funny, adventurous and smiling!

As a family, we would have to agree! Lance was a precious boy who changed our definition of what life is. He was truly content with life—happy as could be. He valued time with his older brother and his family. He always wanted to visit his grandparents, play outside, play tennis and swing golf clubs.

Lance had a zest for life that was pure and sincere. He was caring and compassionate. He loved, among many things, animals, sports such as tennis and golf, and most of all cuddling and giggling! He was passionate about the things he did. Being accurate was mandatory! If he wrote the letter "L" and it did not look like the one in a book, he would have to erase and re-write it! He was a leader. He accomplished tasks that were set for him. His ability to follow his passion was exemplary.

As is any child in a family, he was, like Lucas, our life and joy! He will always be missed. He lives in our hearts and in our memories. It is with a heavy heart that we honor Lance with his very own Memorial Foundation. It has been setup to remember his ways of life—to love unconditionally, to hope for safety and security for everyone, and to believe that there are great possibilities even in the aftermath of such tragedy.

This is our dedication and commitment to our little boy, Lance!

Lucas, Joanna and Binit!